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代理產品MetalJet C2

MetalJet C2

The Excillum MetalJet C2 offers an attractive, cost effective version of the metal-jet X-ray source technology with simplified electron optics producing a round electron beam focus. The Excillum Meta

代理產品MetalJet D2+

MetalJet D2+

The Excillum MetalJet D2+ features our unique metal-jet anode technology and advanced electron optics. Achieving significantly higher brightness and smaller spot sizes than any other available microfo

代理產品MetalJet D2+ 160 kV

MetalJet D2+ 160 kV

MetalJet D2+ 160 kV

代理產品MetalJet E1+ 160 kV

MetalJet E1+ 160 kV

At 1000 watts, the new Excillum MetalJet E1+ delivers 17 times more X-ray flux across a broad spectral range compared to a 30 W conventional tungsten-solid-anode microfocus source with the same 30 µm

代理產品Montel Multilayer Optics

Montel Multilayer Optics

A Montel optic is two mirrors shaped in one plane each placed next to each other so that X-rays reflected from both surfaces are focused or collimated in two dimensions. Each mirror is furthermore coa

代理產品NanoTube N3

NanoTube N3

The Excillum NanoTube N3 is based on advanced electron optics and the latest tungsten-diamond transmission target technology. Automatic e-beam focusing and astigmatism correction ensures that the smallest possible, truly round spot is achieved every time, every day. The NanoTube N3 also has the unique feature of internally measuring and reporting the current spot size. In addition, advanced cooling and thermal design results in extreme stability over long exposures. This enables an unprecedented true resolution of 150 nm lines and spaces.

代理產品EIGER2 X/XE CdTe Series

EIGER2 X/XE CdTe Series

DECTRIS EIGER2® X/XE CdTe photon-counting detectors provide high quantum efficiency for hard X-ray energies up to 100 keV, with a spatial resolution of 75 µm. Their cadmium-telluride sensor, which is 750 µm thick, brings all the advantages of EIGER2 X-ray detectors to high-energy applications. A high frame rate up to 2,000 kHz; under 100 ns of effective dead time between exposures; and ideal counting statistics enabled by a sharp, single-pixel point-spread function guarantee outstanding performance and accurate data collection. Furthermore, these beamline detectors offer two independent energy thresholds that will enable you to suppress fluorescence background (with the lower threshold) while measuring the contribution of higher harmonics (with the upper threshold). EIGER2 X/XE CdTe detectors come in different geometries and performances, and with optional vacuum capability. DECTRIS’ dedicated Support and Commissioning team will help you minimize any downtime.

代理產品EIGER2 S Series

EIGER2 S Series

DECTRIS EIGER2® S photon-counting X-ray detectors are the perfect choice if your research requires large-area, high-resolution beamline detectors, but not the ultimate speed. Like all EIGER2 detectors, this camera with 75-µm pixels delivers data with the highest spatial resolution. It includes two independent energy thresholds for spectral sensitivity, a single-pixel point-spread function for ideal counting statistics, and fast image readout with a frame rate up to 1 kHz. Equipped with a silicon sensor that is 450 µm thick, EIGER2 S detectors cover X-ray energies between 6 and 40 keV. EIGER2 S detectors come in a variety of sizes. Their robustness, combined with excellent support, make EIGER2 S detectors the most reliable and future-proof tool for cost-conscious beamlines.

代理產品MYTHEN2 X 系列


DECTRIS® MYTHEN2 strip detectors have transformed high-resolution X-ray diffraction, scattering, and spectroscopy measurements by giving them another dimension: time. Renowned for its narrow strip and sharp point-spread function, MYTHEN2 X introduces a 1,000-Hz frame rate with a 24-bit dynamic range for any number of modules. This opens up new domains of time-resolved and in situ studies. The Detector Control System 4 (DCS4), with electronic gating and an external trigger, allows for tailor-made multimodular solutions and full synchronization of the detector with other systems. The time dimension, however, does not compromise data quality or system flexibility: we guarantee noise-free detection even for long exposure times. Additionally, the modules’ optional vacuum compatibility opens up new possibilities for X-ray spectroscopy applications.

代理產品MYTHEN2 R 系列


DECTRIS® MYTHEN2 strip detectors bring synchrotron-like detection to the lab for all X-ray diffraction, scattering, and spectroscopy techniques. Their radiation hardness and maintenance-free operation make these detectors the perfect choice for academic research, multi-purpose service laboratories, portable diffractometers, and industrial sites that employ Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) rules. MYTHEN2 R offers the narrowest strip width (50 μm) on the market, providing unprecedented signal resolution. Single-photon counting eliminates dark current and readout noise while delivering superior data. MYTHEN2 R detectors also combine noise-free performance with high quantum efficiency for the widest X-ray energy range: from Ti to Ag. This unique combination of features will help you make the most of weak laboratory sources by maximizing the signal-to-noise ratio and minimizing measurement and data processing times.

代理產品ARINA Detector

ARINA Detector

DECTRIS ARINA® retractable, electron-counting detector was specifically developed for 4D STEM applications. Featuring a new ASIC, it combines an extreme speed of up to 120,000 frames per second with a high dynamic range and noise-free readout, thus enabling high-quality data acquisition at the native speed of a conventional STEM measurement. Thanks to DECTRIS’ hybrid-pixel technology, ARINA can employ different sensor materials and perform optimally in the whole energy range of 30-300 keV. DECTRIS ARINA fits the bill for a broad spectrum of 4D STEM applications with dwell times below 10 μs, from crystalline-phases and orientation mapping to ptychography - including flexible STEM images reconstruction with virtual detectors.

代理產品QUARDO Detector

QUARDO Detector

Based on hybrid-pixel technology, QUADRO is the first direct electron detector to be released by DECTRIS. It incorporates our signature instant retrigger, continuous readout, and noise-free acquisition. Even at high count rate (up to 10 million el/s/pix), DECTRIS QUADRO® detector is able to count every single electron, and thus assures more accurate data collection. Thanks to QUADRO’s exceptionally high dynamic range, your experimental setup will no longer require a beam stopper, and this will allow you to obtain uninterrupted diffraction patterns. This characteristic, combined with QUADRO detector’s speed and sensitivity, make it a game-changer for techniques such as Micro-Electron Diffraction (microED), electron imaging, strain imaging, and ptychography.

代理產品ELA 偵測器

ELA 偵測器

DECTRIS ELA® electron-counting detector offers best-in-class performance in terms of detector noise, frame rate, and dynamic range. It can handle a probe current well over 100 pA, and it simultaneously captures weak and intense reflections to enable advanced diffraction and imaging studies. In addition, it allows for fast elemental mapping in one go, which is especially crucial when working with beam-sensitive materials. ELA hybrid-pixel detector is specifically optimized for Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) and Four-Dimensional Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (4D STEM).

代理產品SINGLA Detector

SINGLA Detector

DECTRIS SINGLA® detector is a hybrid-pixel electron-counting camera optimized for Life Science applications. With a sensitive area of roughly 1,000 x 1,000-pixels, it is suitable for Cryo-Electron Microscopy (cryoEM) and Micro-Electron Diffraction (microED) applications. Experiments in single-particle analysis and cryo-electron tomography also benefit greatly from this detector’s speed. In addition, SINGLA detector’s fast readout speed (exceeding 2,000 frames per second), combined with its superior dynamic range, make it the ideal detector for small-molecule and 3D micro-crystallography. The detector is bottom-mounted and compatible with JEOL and Thermo Fisher Scientific Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM).

代理產品合金分析儀(Alloy Analyzer)

合金分析儀(Alloy Analyzer)


代理產品貴金屬分析儀(Precious Analyzer)

貴金屬分析儀(Precious Analyzer)


代理產品土壤重金屬分析儀(Soil Heavy Metal Analyzer)

土壤重金屬分析儀(Soil Heavy Metal Analyzer)


代理產品三元催化分析儀(Car Catalyst Analyzer)

三元催化分析儀(Car Catalyst Analyzer)


代理產品三元電池分析儀(Ternary Battery Analyzer)

三元電池分析儀(Ternary Battery Analyzer)


代理產品RoHS 分析儀(RoHS Analyzer)

RoHS 分析儀(RoHS Analyzer)

隨著RoHS 2.0的發布和執行,電氣電子產品中新增了四種鄰苯二甲酸酯——DEHP、BBP、DBP、DIBP管控物質的限制檢測。電器電子產品有害物質限制檢測方法和相關儀器也也有了新的變化。

代理產品礦石分析儀(Mineral Analyzer)

礦石分析儀(Mineral Analyzer)


代理產品TrueX手持式 XRF 分析儀(TrueX Handheld XRF Analyzer)

TrueX手持式 XRF 分析儀(TrueX Handheld XRF Analyzer)

XRF工作原理是用X射線轟擊樣品,樣品受激發後產生X射線熒光。 X射線通常把元素原子K層和L層的內層電子打岀原子,產生的空穴被高能量的外層電子填補。補充到低能量軌道上的高能量電子把多餘的能量以X射線熒光輻射岀來。這些輻射岀來的譜線中含有各種元素的特徵。像指紋一樣,並且獨立於原子的化學價態。輻射的強度與樣品中該元素的濃度成正比。

代理產品油品分析儀(Oil Analyzer)

油品分析儀(Oil Analyzer)


代理產品消費品分析儀(Consumer Goods Analyzer)

消費品分析儀(Consumer Goods Analyzer)


代理產品貴金屬分析儀(Precious Metal Analyzer)

貴金屬分析儀(Precious Metal Analyzer)


代理產品PeDX 便攜式 XRF 分析儀(PeDX Portable XRF Analyzer)

PeDX 便攜式 XRF 分析儀(PeDX Portable XRF Analyzer)

XRF工作原理是用X射線照射樣品,樣品受激發後產生X射線熒光。 X射線通常把元素原子K層和L層的內層電子打岀原子,產生的電洞被高能量的外層電子填補。補充到低能量軌道上的高能量電子把多餘的能量以X射線熒光輻射岀來。這些輻射岀來的譜線中含有各種元素的特徵。像指紋一樣,並且獨立於原子的化學價態。輻射的強度與樣品中該元素的濃度成正比。

代理產品ScopeX 桌面式 XRF 分析儀(ScopeX Benchtop XRF Analyzer)

ScopeX 桌面式 XRF 分析儀(ScopeX Benchtop XRF Analyzer)

XRF工作原理是用X射線照射樣品,樣品受激發後產生X射線熒光。 X射線通常把元素原子K層和L層的內層電子打岀原子,產生的電洞被高能量的外層電子填補。補充到低能量軌道上的高能量電子把多餘的能量以X射線熒光輻射岀來。這些輻射岀來的譜線中含有各種元素的特徵。像指紋一樣,並且獨立於原子的化學價態。輻射的強度與樣品中該元素的濃度成正比。

代理產品RoHS 有害物質分析儀(RoHS Analyzer)

RoHS 有害物質分析儀(RoHS Analyzer)

浪聲ScopeX RoHS有害物質分析儀是一款專用於RoHS/ELV法規限制的有害元素篩選分析的X射線熒光分析裝置,其融彙的無鹵分析技術,配備智能的真空系統,利用低能X射線激發輕元素,在檢測任何含鹵素有害物質的產品同時,亦適用於全元素和RoHS分析,具有分析精度高、可分析元素範圍廣、測試簡單快速等優點,結果可靠精準。

代理產品貴金屬分析儀(Precious Metal Analyzer)

貴金屬分析儀(Precious Metal Analyzer)

貴金屬價格昂貴,難辨真偽,對貴金屬原材料採購廠商、消費者、珠寶首飾企業和資產評估機構而言,確保其貨真價實至關重要。 X射線熒光分析技術(XRF)對貴金屬進行化學成份及純度成色判斷已經成為一種廣泛應用、很受歡迎、且性能可靠的方法。與其他測試法相比,使用分析儀對貴金屬進行分析是一種更迅速、更經濟的無損檢測方法。可現場對貴金屬進行克拉級別鑑定,對鍍金樣品識別,對鉑金、銀及其它貴金屬合金的化學成份進行精準

代理產品銅合金專用分析儀(Copper Alloy Analyzer)

銅合金專用分析儀(Copper Alloy Analyzer)


代理產品煤灰專用分析儀(Coal ASH Analyzer)

煤灰專用分析儀(Coal ASH Analyzer)


代理產品糧食重金屬快速檢測儀(Food Heavy Metal Analyzer)

糧食重金屬快速檢測儀(Food Heavy Metal Analyzer)


代理產品土壤重金屬分析儀(Soil Heavy Metal Analyzer)

土壤重金屬分析儀(Soil Heavy Metal Analyzer)

近年來隨著社會經濟的快速發展,土壤中重金屬含量不斷增加,土壤重金屬污染已成為普遍的環境問題,越來越受到人們的關注。一般來說,引起土壤重金屬污染的元素主要包括Zn、Cu、Cr、Cd、Pb、Ni、Hg、As等8種元素。 為應對土壤中元素種類繁多,結構複雜,其有害重金屬Pb、Cd、As等元素含量較低、分佈不均勻等檢測難點,漾YANG土壤重金屬分析儀是浪聲科學儀器推出的新一代XRF分析儀器。

代理產品超低硫油品分析儀(Ultra-low sulfur oil analyzer)

超低硫油品分析儀(Ultra-low sulfur oil analyzer)


代理產品SHINE地球化學版_礦物岩石(SHINE Mineral & Rocks Edition)

SHINE地球化學版_礦物岩石(SHINE Mineral & Rocks Edition)


代理產品SHINE 金屬腐蝕物版(SHINE Metal Corrosion Edition)

SHINE 金屬腐蝕物版(SHINE Metal Corrosion Edition)


代理產品SHINE研究版(SHINE Research Edition)

SHINE研究版(SHINE Research Edition)


代理產品SHINE 土壤版(SHINE Soil Edition)

SHINE 土壤版(SHINE Soil Edition)




FRINGE CLASS桌面式X射線繞射儀在X射線光束通過索拉狹縫、發散狹縫照射在樣品上,樣品台位於測角儀中心,基於反射幾何θs-θd,X射線光束在滿足布拉格定律時,在特定的方向上發生繞射現象,經過防散射狹縫、索拉狹縫、接收狹縫到達X射線探測器上,最終經過數據處理系統在分析軟件上展現出採集的繞射圖譜。






FRINGE EV桌面式X射線繞射儀在X射線光束通過索拉狹縫、發散狹縫照射在樣品上,樣品台位於測角儀中心,基於反射幾何θs-θd,X射線光束在滿足布拉格定律時,在特定的方向上發生繞射現象,經過防散射狹縫、索拉狹縫、接收狹縫到達X射線探測器上,最終經過數據處理系統在分析軟件上展現出採集的繞射圖譜。

代理產品TrueX COAT鍍層分析儀(TrueX COAT Coating Analyzer)

TrueX COAT鍍層分析儀(TrueX COAT Coating Analyzer)

TrueX COAT適用於鍍層厚度測量及材料分析,具有無損,可靠,高生產力,高靈活性等優點,可用來定性分析樣品的元素組成,也可用於鍍層和鍍層系統的厚度測量,廣泛應用於電路板、半導體、電鍍、五金產品、汽車零部件、衛浴設備、珠寶等工業中的功能性鍍層電鍍槽液中的成分濃度分析。

代理產品ScopeX COAT鍍層分析儀(ScopeX COAT Coating Analyzer)

ScopeX COAT鍍層分析儀(ScopeX COAT Coating Analyzer)

針對鍍層領域的表面處理的過程控制、產品質量檢驗等環節中的檢測和篩檢難題,ScopeX COAT鍍層分析儀適用於多層鍍層厚度測量及材料分析,可定量和定性分析樣品的元素組成,也可用於鍍層和鍍層系統的厚度測量。被廣泛應用於汽車製造、航空航太、造船、五金產品、標準件、電子元器件、電器零部件、機械零部件、衛浴裝飾產品、珠寶首飾等領域。

代理產品PeDX COAT鍍液分析儀(PeDX COAT Coating Analyzer)

PeDX COAT鍍液分析儀(PeDX COAT Coating Analyzer)

PeDX COAT便攜式鍍液分析儀專為電鍍液檢測而設計,無需電鍍液無需消解或稀釋,可直接用於測量多層鍍層厚度測量及材料分析,也可用來定量和定性分析樣品的元素組成,廣泛應用於醫療器械、電子設備、半導體、電鍍、五金產品等工業中。

代理產品INSIGHT五金衛浴版(INSIGHT Ironware Application Plant)

INSIGHT五金衛浴版(INSIGHT Ironware Application Plant)


代理產品INSIGHT通用小零件版(INSIGHT Universal Version For Small Parts)

INSIGHT通用小零件版(INSIGHT Universal Version For Small Parts)

INSIGHT 鍍層分析儀,使用微聚焦X射線管將X射線源的大部分射線收集並彙聚成微束斑,照射在樣品位置,從而獲得良好的空間分辨率及很強的熒光信號,通過能譜探頭及後續的數據處理器等採集、處理並評價樣品被輻照後產生的熒光信號,得出樣品的成分信息。它可實現更複雜應用的快速測量和精準分析,是對不均勻或形狀不規則的未知樣品以及微觀物體進行元素分析的理想方法。

代理產品INSIGHT PCB、晶圓版(INSIGHT Electronic Application Scopes)

INSIGHT PCB、晶圓版(INSIGHT Electronic Application Scopes)


代理產品RA200 手持式拉曼光譜儀(RA200 Handheld Raman Spectrometer)

RA200 手持式拉曼光譜儀(RA200 Handheld Raman Spectrometer)


代理產品便攜式拉曼聯用儀(Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer)

便攜式拉曼聯用儀(Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer)


代理產品大氣重金屬線上分析儀(Atmospheric Heavy Metal On-line Monitor)

大氣重金屬線上分析儀(Atmospheric Heavy Metal On-line Monitor)

AOA 200 大氣重金屬在線分析儀是浪聲融合X熒光無損檢測技術、β射線吸收檢測技術與空氣顆粒物自動富集技術,自主研發的在線大氣重金屬連續監測儀,符合美國EPA IO-3.3 標準方法。不僅可以監測空氣顆粒物質量濃度, 還可以同時對顆粒物中元素成分進行定量分析,可實現空氣顆粒物中低含量鉛、鎘、鉻、砷等重金屬的監測及PM濃度的協同測量,無人值守,長時間自動監測。

代理產品微型大氣重金屬在線分析儀(Miniature On-line Atmospheric Heavy Metal Monitor)

微型大氣重金屬在線分析儀(Miniature On-line Atmospheric Heavy Metal Monitor)


代理產品煙氣重金屬連續監測系統(Continuous Monitoring System for Heavy Metals in Flue Gas)

煙氣重金屬連續監測系統(Continuous Monitoring System for Heavy Metals in Flue Gas)

AOA 200CEMS煙氣重金屬在線監測系統是浪聲針對廢氣污染源中重金屬污染而研製開發的設備,儀器採用伴熱抽取技術和煙氣顆粒物等速採樣技術,將煙氣中水分和溫度降至一定溫度後,顆粒物自動富集在卷狀濾膜上,採用高精度XRF分析模塊,精確計算煙氣顆粒物中重金屬的濃度,連續在線監測煙氣中的鉛、鉻、鎘、砷等多種重金屬污染物的含量,滿足對於廢氣污染源中重金屬污染源成分監測、排放監控、總量控制的要求。並能將監測

代理產品汙染物排放監測儀(Pollutant Discharge Monitor)

汙染物排放監測儀(Pollutant Discharge Monitor)

SPAS(Sulfur Pollutants Auto System)船舶污染物排放監測儀是浪聲基於多年大氣環境監測領域經驗及結合傳感器技術研發生產的一款高性能在線監測設備。選用電化學、光學等多種高精度傳感器,主要監測空氣中硫含量、溫度、濕度、風速、風向等因子。

代理產品SpeBOX-1光譜盒子(SpeBOX-1 Spectrum Box)

SpeBOX-1光譜盒子(SpeBOX-1 Spectrum Box)


代理產品XLA-1-1250 超音波馬達致動器 (編碼器解析力:1250 nm)

XLA-1-1250 超音波馬達致動器 (編碼器解析力:1250 nm)

XLA-1系列: 致動器推力:1 N (牛頓) 編碼器解析力:1250 nm (奈米) 驅動軸長度:20 ~ 320 mm 可作動距離:5 ~ 305 mm 搭配控制器:XD-A、XD-M

代理產品XLA-1-312 超音波馬達致動器 (編碼器解析力:312 nm)

XLA-1-312 超音波馬達致動器 (編碼器解析力:312 nm)

XLA-1系列: 致動器推力:1 N (牛頓) 編碼器解析力:312 nm (奈米) 驅動軸長度:20 ~ 320 mm 可作動距離:5 ~ 305 mm 搭配控制器:XD-A、XD-M

代理產品XLA-1-78 超音波馬達致動器 (編碼器解析力:78 nm)

XLA-1-78 超音波馬達致動器 (編碼器解析力:78 nm)

XLA-1系列: 致動器推力:1 N (牛頓) 編碼器解析力:78 nm (奈米) 驅動軸長度:20 ~ 320 mm 可作動距離:5 ~ 305 mm 搭配控制器:XD-A、XD-M

代理產品XLA-1-OPEN 超音波馬達致動器 (開環控制)

XLA-1-OPEN 超音波馬達致動器 (開環控制)

XLA-1系列: 致動器推力:1 N (牛頓) 編碼器解析力:開環控制,內建整合型控制器 驅動軸長度:20 ~ 320 mm 可作動距離:5 ~ 305 mm

代理產品XLA-3-1250 超音波馬達致動器 (編碼器解析力:1250 nm)

XLA-3-1250 超音波馬達致動器 (編碼器解析力:1250 nm)

XLA-3系列: 致動器推力:3 N (牛頓) 編碼器解析力:1250 nm (奈米) 驅動軸長度:45 ~ 325 mm 可作動距離:15 ~ 295 mm 搭配控制器:XD-A、XD-M

代理產品XLA-3-312 超音波馬達致動器 (編碼器解析力:312 nm)

XLA-3-312 超音波馬達致動器 (編碼器解析力:312 nm)

XLA-3系列: 致動器推力:3 N (牛頓) 編碼器解析力:312 nm (奈米) 驅動軸長度:45 ~ 325 mm 可作動距離:15 ~ 295 mm 搭配控制器:XD-A、XD-M

代理產品XLA-3-78 超音波馬達致動器 (編碼器解析力:78 nm)

XLA-3-78 超音波馬達致動器 (編碼器解析力:78 nm)

XLA-3系列: 致動器推力:3 N (牛頓) 編碼器解析力:78 nm (奈米) 驅動軸長度:45 ~ 325 mm 可作動距離:15 ~ 295 mm 搭配控制器:XD-A、XD-M

代理產品XLA-3-OPEN 超音波馬達致動器 (開環控制)

XLA-3-OPEN 超音波馬達致動器 (開環控制)

XLA-3系列: 致動器推力:3 N (牛頓) 編碼器解析力:開環控制,內建整合型控制器 驅動軸長度:45 ~ 325 mm 可作動距離:15 ~ 295 mm

代理產品XD-A 控制器 (PCB版本)

XD-A 控制器 (PCB版本)

XD-A 控制器是PCB版本的控制器,專門為XLA微型驅動器而設計。

X光檢測設備ScientificGear nCT-N3.160

ScientificGear nCT-N3.160




材質:Lindeman glass 數量:1盒(25支裝) 長度:80mm 厚度:0.01mm 熔點:585℃