(160kV) 3D X-ray Nano-Scale Computed Tomography-FPD

(160kV) 三維奈米級電腦斷層掃描(3D X-ray Nano-Scale Computed Tomography)-平板偵測器

(160kV) 三維奈米級電腦斷層掃描(3D X-ray Nano-Scale Computed Tomography)-平板偵測器

Excillum NanoTube N3 X-ray Source


The Excillum NanoTube N3 provides geometric-magnification X-ray imaging systems with industry-leading stability and resolution without the need for manual adjusting.


Advanced tungsten-diamond transmission target technology and sophisticated electron optics form the foundation of the Excillum NanoTube N3. Every time, the smallest, roundest spot is produced owing to the automatic e-beam focusing and astigmatism correction.


Moreover, the NanoTube N3 has the distinctive capability of monitoring and reporting the current spot size inside. Furthermore, cutting-edge cooling and thermal design produce extraordinary stability over lengthy exposures. This permits a real resolution of 150 nm lines and spaces.

(160kV) 三維奈米級電腦斷層掃描(3D X-ray Nano-Scale Computed Tomography)-平板偵測器

Isdi SpectrumLogic 2824HR/2824HS X-ray Detector Panel


Number of modules


1 x 1 = 1
Sensor Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) 
Sensor material  Silicon (Si)
Sensor thickness 750 µm 
Pixel size (W x H) 75 µm x 75 µm
Pixel array format (W x H) 1028 pixels x 512 pixels = 526 336 pixels 
Active area (W x H) 77.1 mm x 38.4 mm = 2977.99mm2
Intra-module gap 2 pixels wide vertical gap in the center of each module
Defective pixels  < 0.1%
Image bit depth 32 bit or 16 bit
Readout bit depth 16 bits 
Maximum count rate  9.8 × 10photons/s/mm2
Adjustable threshold range 4 keV to 30 keV
Energy range 8 keV to 25 keV
Number of thresholds two independent thresholds 
Readout time  continuous readout with 100 ns dead time
Maximum frame rate  100 Hz
Point-spread function 1 pixel (FWHM) 
Connection to detector control unit 1 x LC/UPC duplex fiber optic connectors
Power supply  External power supply unit
Software interface HTTP REST interface
Dimensions (W x H x D)  114mm x 92mm x 241.5mm
Weight  3.7 kg
Maximum operating altitude  2000 m a.s.l. 


(160kV) 三維奈米級電腦斷層掃描(3D X-ray Nano-Scale Computed Tomography)-平板偵測器

Lab Motion Systems RT150ST


Bearing type air bearing
Max. speed 725 RPM
Max. axial load 226 N
Radial error motion < 100 nm
Axial error motion  < 50 nm
Angular accuracy ± 6.9 arcsec
Nominal torque 1.5 Nm
Peak torque  2.5 Nm
Total mass 6.2 kg 


(160kV) 三維奈米級電腦斷層掃描(3D X-ray Nano-Scale Computed Tomography)-平板偵測器

Lab Motion Systems XY150B-12


Bearing type ball bearing
Stroke ± 6 mm
Load capacity 10 kg
Min. Incr. motion 0.1 µm
Repeatability ± 0.2  µm
Speed 0.22 mm/s
Total mass 2.1 kg
Material coated aluminum
Optimal compatibility